Tips To Get Your Art Exhibited

An art exhibition is one of the best exposure for artists and galleries. An artist represent his work in front of large number of attendees. Those who are interested in art participate in these work shops of art exhibitions and learn all prospects of art.


There are different art exhibitions held in various parts of the world. In these art exhibitions, you can find out different sculptures, paintings, visual arts, photography, film and videos, literature, crafts, designs and drawings.

For finding a art exhibition you need to simply look online. By browsing Internet you will easily get different available options of art exhibitions nearby your location. You can also get information about nearby art exhibitions from community buildings and bookstores. As there are large number of exhibitions available but one exhibition which is quite different from other exhibitions is the internet exhibition. These type of exhibitions are good because in these exhibitions, damage to the items available in it will not got damaged because of environment and do not require that much security.

For an artist it is rewarding to go for a physical exhibition at gallery but for the artists who are just starting, for them, Internet exhibitions are best option. In online exhibitions, emails are sent out as an invitation. It does not matter that in what type of art you are interested, there are all types of art such as photography, antique, sculptures are available online.
Some of the best ways for an artist to get art exhibited are

1. Home shows and garden shows– You can contact a person who will be setting up these shows and discuss how your work can be protected, shown or sold.

2. Retail businesses– You can contact with the manager or owner for placing your work in their available spaces along with contact information to your studio.

3. Salons and Boutiques– These available venues are also similar to other retail businesses with the concern of decor. It has been noticed that customers of these businesses are interested in art and usually have disposable income.

4. Restaurant Meetings– You can send postcard invitations and emails to prospective buyers for meeting at a casual restaurant for seeing your latest work.

5. School exhibition– If you will not be able to get a college then ask to the high school for a short exhibition.

6. Art fairs – Look at nearby art fairs and also talk to art fair participant artists for tips on what kind of art they really like.

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