Finding the Perfect Painting for your Living Room


The living room is not an ordinary room of your house but something that makes your home livelier and more beautiful. Having some special pieces of art in your living room would make the place more attractive and happy go lucky place. Art is not merely a creation by an expert, it is something that reflects your inner self, who you truly are and what you seek. Whenever one chooses a particular painting, it is only because of the fact that the person can relate to the painting. Every painting has a story to tell.

Art has many different faces and it depends on you which one you choose to showcase in your living room. The under mentioned piece of advice will help you find the right painting for your living room:

  • Your Painting Goals

We all have personal preferences and choices, you too might have a fantasy for certain form of art or creativity. Decide what you actually want to display on your wall, knowing this would help you filter the paintings in the market easily. Decide whether you want to reflect who you are, want something epic to display or merely want to highlight a painting just because you love creativity. Finalise your living room painting goals.

  • The Painting Parameters

Having a desire for a particular kind of painting and buying the same for your specific living room are two different aspects. Decide the length and width (dimensions) of the painting and select the one accordingly. Also keep in mind the background of the wall, where you want to display the painting as it plays a major role in the overall display.

  • Theme of the living room

People these days prefer personalization and mostly have their room prepared according to a theme. If you are one of those organized people, always choose a painting that goes well with the theme of your living room which includes your furniture, type of flooring and other showcase items that you have chosen to be a part of your living room.

  • Welcoming Look

The living room is the area most utilized by guests and the family members to spend the evenings. The painting should be chosen such that it gives a welcoming look to everyone present in the house. A positive and vibrant painting would do really well.

  • Budget

Yes, the amount you are willing to invest in the painting plays a major role. Today creativity comes at different prices and you must decide the amount you can afford for the painting. Plan your budget first and then go for the painting hunt. There are millions of paintings out there available at an affordable price range, all you need to do is play the right shot.

Choose a painting that makes everyone around a smile, the painting should be elegant and fun to watch and not something that is home to negativity. Choose the right painting and make your living room a better and healthy place.


Why You Should Buy Paintings Directly From An Artist?

C76y_mQV4AE0a2NWhen you will be going to decorate the walls of your home or your workplace, there are a number of facts, that support you should buy paintings directly from an artist, instead of buying reproductions in physical shops or online shop.

  • You get an original, unique painting that no one else has

  • You get a quality product, made of excellent materials

  • You will be saved from giving no commission to online or physical galleries

  • The selling price is higher when you want to make changes in your collection

  • You get a better service, the artist will answer any questions you have

You get an original unique painting


When you will buy a unique and original painting from an artist, you will be able to get a unique piece of contemporary art which you can use for decoration in your home or at your workplace.

Be aware that many online and physical stores that advertise with “original” paintings, actually sell reproductions where the artistic value is practically non-existent.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to spot whether it’s a real or fictitious artist and if it’s an original painting or a copy – here are a few tips you can use, factors that indicate it is a real artist:

Start by searching for the artist on the internet and see what information comes up. Does the artist’s contact information appear, is he having his own website, does the search show earlier exhibitions?

  • If there is an artist profile on the store’s website, and it shows a photo and a biography of the artist.

  • If an artist profile with biography is attached to the painting, and there is shown a photograph of the artist.

  • Things that indicate it is an original unique painting:

  • If there is a real artist behind and not only a pseudonym.

  • If the painting is signed with the full name, title and year on the back of the canvas.


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Different Ways To Find And Buy Modern Art

BIOMETRICS II 38x36 mixed media (2)Every art lover invests in artwork for multitude reasons. Whatever the reasons you have in mind, there are a large number of different means using which you can lay your hands on beautiful and modern art pieces. Modern art is quite versatile and include anything from contemporary subjects, collages, abstract, nature and even people among others. The selection is more of a personal decision based on taste and desire.

Modern Art Galleries

Modern Art Gallery can be easily found primarily in urban centres and cities. These galleries showcase a variety of modern art pieces, some of which are reproductions of famed art pieces and collections. In addition to paintings, you can also find other artistic pieces such as weavings and carvings, depending on what the gallery deals with.

Auburn Morning

Modern Art Fairs

They are generally organised by renowned companies, galleries, or artists to give interested buyers access to a good collection of art in one location. These types of fairs are the best platform for getting the mix of everything that is considered artistic. To make the search for the best art pieces easy and the purchase of the same even easier, it is best to target the right platform depending on what comes inconveniently for you. But perhaps the most important thing to do is to be clear about what modern art you are interested in or the artist whose works you desire the most. This way, you will be in a position to choose a platform that is bound to be rewarding to you in terms of getting what you deserve and desire.

Online Galleries

Online galleries are the most easiest way to find modern art pieces as it allows you to choose artwork from different parts of the world without going there in person. Online art galleries reached out to both local and international markets. The searching process has been eased by the online option and so has the purchase of the pieces. The online stores will have all pieces categorised in relation to their artist or subject. This has made it very easy for everyone coming across the galleries to find what they are most interested in without the need to go through every piece that is available.

African Art – The Best Art Among All Other Arts

Art is an integral part of the daily African life. African art culture consists of different art forms created by various tribes. African tribal art is regarded as one of the finest creations in the world of art. Africans make use of art for cross-cultural dialogues, personal therapies, and in order to communicate with gods and ancestors. Usually main material used for most African art forms are wood, which is decorated with shells, clay, beads, metal, ivory, and feathers. Masks as well as figures were also the most important types of art forms that were used in religious ceremonies in Africa. Work of many African artists, help to have a detailed understanding about the African people culture as well as their wildlife through various oil paintings and other art forms.

The Dogon's Tale

Most of the African art forms depict the understanding of aesthetic principles and latest developments, religious and ceremonial values and other moral ideas. But, proper knowledge of the African history is essential in order to understand African art, the work displayed by various African art galleries gives an idea about a spiritual power and visual impact of the tribal art. African art galleries showcase the unique collection of African art which include Statues, Tribal Masks, Figurines, Ostrich Egg shell decoupage, Paintings, ethnic clothing, textiles, Djembes (type of drums), jewellery and other artifacts.

It is important to note that a vast collection of ancient African art can be easily found in a number of museums all over the world. The history of African art also proves the importance of religion and religious practices in the African culture and people.The art mainly consisted of art forms with animal and human subjects which depicts the negative and positive aspects of human behaviour.

Africa is best among all others when it comes to contemporary paintings. Usually every person would like to keep at least one contemporary painting in their home, which captures attention of guests. The internet technology is also helping the African artists to grow faster;nowadays, there are so many websites selling their pictures through the internet. All that you need to do is a small search in internet and shop these contemporary African arts from online.Some of the trading people are having their own websites, they do trade directly from there. You can purchase African arts from these available web sites.

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Modern Art Gallery – A Virtual Exhibition in Cyberspace

Almost all of us would have visited a traditional gallery or modern art museum containing art exhibits at one time or another. Basically, a traditional museum is a place where physical, real exhibits are specifically displayed in a physical space. On another hand, a modern art gallery is one in which virtual exhibits are further displayed in a virtual world which exists in cyberspace. You cannot touch and feel the exhibits, but you can still get a pretty good feel of how they would look in the real world.


Modern and unique African Art

Africa is one of the largest and exclusive continents on the globe. You can find a mixture of different cultures in Africa, the specialty of Africa is African art. African art may be simply defined as art produced by Africans. African art has influenced many artists across many different cultures. All type of artwork including jewelry, masks, weapons, paintings, textiles, and sculptures are available are created.

African art has different uses ranging from ritual to decorative. African art takes many forms. Most African art has a useful purpose. For example, masks created are normally used to represent gods during ceremonies and festival. However, today masks are also used for home decor. Items such as wine racks, carved wooden pen holders, and kitchen utensils are designed which look beautiful and are also useful in everyday life.

Different unique sculptures are also created which look very attractive and unique. They are usually made of bronze, wood, clay and stone. Sculptures may depict people, animals and so on.

Virtual art gallery

The modern art gallery is quite easy to setup. If you are an artist and want to set up a display for showcasing your art then, you just need to click photographs of your work and create a virtual gallery. It will cost you thousand of dollars for setting up a traditional method for showcasing your art. By choosing virtual gallery, you don’t have to pay for expensive floor space, electricity or maintenance cost expenses.

In a virtual gallery, you will have to enhance a virtual experience by using different creative methods because viewers cannot touch and feel the exhibits.

You can display each exhibit in different resolutions for making it easier for viewing it in different sizes as well as getting a feel of how the artwork will look up closely as well as from distance.

A good write up which will describe properly about the piece of work is also helpful for clients to know more about an exhibition. One of the most attractive features of the modern art museum is that visitors can easily observe your work from a comfort of their living room. It is one of the reasonable and effective ways to showcase your art.

Tips To Get Your Art Exhibited

An art exhibition is one of the best exposure for artists and galleries. An artist represent his work in front of large number of attendees. Those who are interested in art participate in these work shops of art exhibitions and learn all prospects of art.


There are different art exhibitions held in various parts of the world. In these art exhibitions, you can find out different sculptures, paintings, visual arts, photography, film and videos, literature, crafts, designs and drawings.

For finding a art exhibition you need to simply look online. By browsing Internet you will easily get different available options of art exhibitions nearby your location. You can also get information about nearby art exhibitions from community buildings and bookstores. As there are large number of exhibitions available but one exhibition which is quite different from other exhibitions is the internet exhibition. These type of exhibitions are good because in these exhibitions, damage to the items available in it will not got damaged because of environment and do not require that much security.

For an artist it is rewarding to go for a physical exhibition at gallery but for the artists who are just starting, for them, Internet exhibitions are best option. In online exhibitions, emails are sent out as an invitation. It does not matter that in what type of art you are interested, there are all types of art such as photography, antique, sculptures are available online.
Some of the best ways for an artist to get art exhibited are

1. Home shows and garden shows– You can contact a person who will be setting up these shows and discuss how your work can be protected, shown or sold.

2. Retail businesses– You can contact with the manager or owner for placing your work in their available spaces along with contact information to your studio.

3. Salons and Boutiques– These available venues are also similar to other retail businesses with the concern of decor. It has been noticed that customers of these businesses are interested in art and usually have disposable income.

4. Restaurant Meetings– You can send postcard invitations and emails to prospective buyers for meeting at a casual restaurant for seeing your latest work.

5. School exhibition– If you will not be able to get a college then ask to the high school for a short exhibition.

6. Art fairs – Look at nearby art fairs and also talk to art fair participant artists for tips on what kind of art they really like.

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Revolution of African Contemporary Art

An art gallery or an art museum is a building or space which is available for the art exhibition. Museums can be private or public. Art galleries are known for hosting artistic activities such as music concerts, poetry readings or performance arts. In ancient time, wood was widely used in most of the art forms which was decorated along with shells, clay, ivory, beads, feathers, and metal.

Auburn Morning

Paintings are common art object which is commonly displayed in art galleries. Other art objects such as furniture, sculptures, textiles, decorative arts, drawings, costumes, pastels, collages, watercolors, photographs, artist’s books, as well as installation art are regularly shown.

Tremendous collection of all type of different art forms can be easily located in various art galleries available in the world. These art galleries display authentic art pieces which represent African art culture.

Art is an integral part of African daily life. African art is one of the most common and famous art which is famous all over the world. African art is available with different types of art forms, created by different tribes. African art is also known for their finest creations in the world. Africans make use of art for personal therapies, cross-culture dialogues and also for communicating with ancestors and gods.

African art galleries represent a unique collection of African art which includes Statues, Figurines, Tribal Masks, Paintings, ethnic clothing, Ostrich Eggshell decoupage, textiles, jewelry, Djembes, and other artifacts.

The work which is displayed by different African art galleries gives an idea about spiritual power and visual impact of the tribal art. African art forms represent latest developments and aesthetic principles, ceremonial and religious values as well as other moral ideas.

There are also a large number of different contemporary art galleries available where you can easily find out African art. A contemporary art gallery is a private owned commercialized gallery for own profit. In large urban centers, you can found these galleries. These contemporary art galleries are opened for the general public without any applicable charges but semi-private usually take a portion of art sales up to 25 to 50 percent.

Today’s artist work in a global environment which is technologically advanced, culturally diverse as well as multifaceted. Contemporary artists work in different mediums.

Contemporary artists who are working with postmodern movements usually reject a concept of mainstream art as well as embrace notion of ‘artistic pluralism’. Contemporary artists take an idea from pop art, performance art, minimalism, video or conceptual art they check out all type of different materials, styles and sources for creating art. Contemporary artists acknowledge as well as find inspiration in artworks which are available from previous time periods in both formal and subject matter elements.

If you are looking for one of the best art galleries in London which is dedicated to promote and appreciate the best quality of contemporary and modern art then go for arc Gallery. Main focus of arc Gallery is to focus on the artists from Africa as well as other countries who will engage in dialogue along with a global context. Gallery represents as well as features a diversity of emerging and established artists.